Languages of Mars

On Mars, people can communicate in any language

TON Planets is an international project, so we simultaneously publish our news in 11 channels. At the current stage of game development, we use machine translation. The Telegram bot of the project, which has a built-in translation function, can distort the meaning of the news. And so we are looking for administrators for foreign channels.

Here you can find your countrymen

TONPlanetsEn -- For English users TONPlanetsEnChat - chat for english speaking players TonPlanetsPrice -- group with the hottest offers in the secondary market in English

TONPlanetsFa - کانال به زبان فارسی TONPlanetsFaChat - چت برای بازیکنان فارسی زبان TonPlanetsPriceFa - گروه با داغترین پیشنهادها در بازار ثانویه پروژه - به زبان فارسی.

TONPlanetsChina - 中文频道。 TONPlanetsChinaChat - 中文玩家聊天

TONPlanetsKorea - 한국어 채널 TONPlanetsKoreaChat - 한국어를 구사하는 플레이어를 위한 채팅

TONPlanetsItaly - canale in italiano TONPlanetsItalyChat - Chatta per giocatori di lingua italiana

TONPlanetsSpain - canal en español TONPlanetsSpainChat - Chat para jugadores de habla hispana

TONPlanetsBrazil - canal em portugues TONPlanetsBrazilChat - Chatta per i giocatori che parlano portoghese

TONPlanetsGermany - Kanal auf deutsch TONPlanetsGermanyChat - Chat für deutschsprachige Spieler

TONPlanetsTurkey - türkçe kanal TONPlanetsTurkeyChat - Türkçe konuşan oyuncular için sohbet

TONPlanetsIndia - हिंदी चैनल TONPlanetsIndiaChat - हिंदी भाषी खिलाड़ियों के लिए चैट करें

If your language is not listed, please write to TONPlanetsSupportBot

We hope to find people who have experience in administering Telegram channels to edit and subsequently localize materials and posts on behalf of the project.

If you use Google Chrome, then we recommend using the Google Translator extension to automatically translate Marsology pages.

For other browsers, you can always find extensions that allow you to translate pages online.

Yandex Browser extention (By the way, this browser has another useful skill. You can translate videos from our YouTube channel into your language with one click.)

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